February 19, 2018

Work Dave

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Nothing benefits our society more than effective business. Business based on “First Principles” thinking that engages in bold new projects where all players in the process are dealt with effectively, efficiently, and with justice. A place where the “little guys” can compete on the same footing as the “big guys”, and everybody wins. I’ve been a little guy and a big guy, and I principally add value in 2 areas:

1-what I call “ideas to IPO’s” I have had the privilege of seeing ideas grow into IPOs, and I can’t get enough of it…
2-it does “what it says on the tin”… With me you know what you are getting and you get it every time. I function in every international and cultural environment, and “make it work”, whatever the “it” is…

There is a foundation to each and every one of my days:
1-reflection on what I am thankful for from the previous day
2-reading and reflecting on scriptures
3-prayer and meditation of the scriptures and plans for the day
4-construction of a clear action plan for each part of every day

I am a dual national (US/UK), and have more energy today than when I was 18. I lead by example, and am happy to do any and every job wherever I work…

If you would like to learn more about how I can help your business, contact me personally on the below details:

✉: dathebigdog@gmail.com
☎ mobile: +44 7785-225447
☏ skype: david.allen1810

I am best in start-ups, which is why I started www.dtgt.global which stands for: Do this, Get that… We are a consultancy focusing on the fundamentals of making business work. Connect with us: david@dtgt.global

Most recent projects:

  • Middle Eastern Banking Portal
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Real-Time Video Enhancement startup

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