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New Year gets off to a roaring start!

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Starting the year out in the USA, where it is normally very cold but fortunately only just cold…  In-laws/out-laws, great way to start the new year…

Fitness Report

So for the first time I have had to cope with the working out and dealing with jetlag. So we came back on the 4th of January from Chicago to London and had a really good flight. However, it’s the first time we have flown onto the all-night flight, forgot just how damaging that is. We have managed for the last few years to catch the flight that goes during the day and gets in late at night into London and is infinitely easier to cope with. So, fitness wise, just in the process of recovering from all that.

This month, I pretty much bang on endlessly about this series called “habits“. All about making them, breaking them, and building them up. All part of the Life.Church experience. I am also talking a lot this month about my integration of Airmail with this app called Todoist.  It has definitely freed me up for a lot better quality work and life…

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