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Tournez-a-Gauche: 1978-2001

The Big Left Turn, or Turnez-a-Gauche as we say in French…
Like so many new(er) Christians, my faith ended up taking a big left turn about half way through my University experience. I have tried to figure out what happened, and it was some combination of:
1-my inability to cope with the blinding hypocrisy of the Churches I was exposed to
2-the fact that my Christian life had no “power” or real capacity to change anyone or anything
3-all I knew of each of the Churches I went to was their denominational commitment to discredit and destroy everyone who did not believe like they did 
4-I knew God was real, and was confident that some time I would get to experience that reality, but until then I would just get on with it…

So, I got my degrees, got my relationships, got my career, and got my money. It really was quite cool at times, but there was always tomorrow. Every tomorrow meant more, more, and more of everything. I really never believed I would ever run out of either more money or more energy, until I did.

When I did it was because I got “harvested”. Being totally committed to making this little earth we live on a better place for all of us, I had no idea that there were people out there who would do anything to “harvest” naive do-gooders like me. And to have a big part of it come from within my own family was almost too much to bear… The whole thing sucked, but it led to the Turnez-a-Droite, or the right turn…