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The Greatest Tragedy of Our Family-Paul

My brother Paul was born 15 months after me, and we grew up together both in Rhode Island and Moorestown. He didn’t stand up well to the abuse of my father, and after High School he was totally disowned by both of my parents. They threw him out and shipped him to me in Colorado, and there he was for a few years.

From there he went in the Army, married his wife Patty and had 2 girls. After a decade of moving around with the Army and trying to be “normal”, he lost the plot and walked out on his whole life and moved totally off the grid in Seattle. The only way for the family to cope with it was to spread the lie that Paul was nothing but a Street bum heroin addict, and should have been disowned…

Well guess what, they were wrong… Paul turned his life around and connected with Kathy Haig, his devoted partner and wife for the last 20 years.

Paul passed away on the 7th July this year, from pancreatic cancer. he had the love of a good woman for the last 20 years, he made something of his life, and he died in peace, bless him…

Here are some pics of the last 20 years:

First In Seattle


His sojourn In Hawaii





And Then Back to Seattle for his life with Kathy…