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The Greatest Tragedy of My Life

My Daughter Sydney

She was born February 5th 1997, and I thought was growing up in the happiest of homes in the UK. Little did I know that Sydney was just a ploy of her mother to gain control of all of my finances and estate. Her mother’s plan was well orchestrated and well planned. The technique she used is now called “Parental Alienation”.  It is widely recognised as the most insidious form of child abuse, because it is deep manipulation that lasts a lifetime. I have not not seen her in almost 6 years. Her mother, with the utmost cooperation and support of Surrey Social Services, utilised the most intense forms of Parental Alienation to keep Sydney from me, and only for money. My faith in Jesus has given me the complete forgiveness in my heart for the life-long damage inflicted by her mother, my brother John and his wife Lisa, and my very own mother.  Like I told her the last time I saw her, I’ll only ever miss you and pray for you on days when the sun comes up…