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Fitness and motivation at the 14th July 2018, Saturday

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Amazingly, the great weather continues to roll on. In 35 years of living in the UK I have never seen it this nice for this long. And one of the best things is that I don’t have to cut the grass!  Today, as with almost every Saturday, is the park run. I think I’ve talked about this before, they happen all over the UK, I think over 500 locations. So, I had a personal-best this morning of 31 minutes and 20 seconds.  I think once you go over, or actually under 30 minutes you enter the realm of real runners.

In the motivation report this morning I talk little bit about being part of something much bigger than yourself and deriving identity from that. I did some looking at one Corinthians 12:12 Where it talks about the piecemeal lives that some people have, but certainly not us and certainly not any more. It’s really hard if you have to be everything to everyone all the time all by yourself

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