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First Park Run!!!


So, this morning we had our very first Park Run, at the Frimley Lodge Park. So this is something that takes place in hundreds of Parks across the UK and Europe every Saturday morning at 9:00 am local time… My time:



There were about 500 people, and it is amazing because my training runs this week, were about a minute/Km greater than this… So, the fitness report:


And the results just came through from the organisers, so amongst the real runners I was a tosser, but in my age group I was in the top 10, number 8, that that is amazing… Could just motivate me to keep running!!!


And here’s the motivation part, check out, the reference is from Ephesians 6:12-13…



2 thoughts on “First Park Run!!!”

  1. Great run, Dave! Well done! I probably finished about 10mins behind you, but had an awesome run/walk. The run starts at 9am not 10am as you mentioned. You were at the store before 10am to open up…?

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