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Dealing with that first fitness setback…

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Sometimes I amaze myself at just how delusional I can be. I guess I thought I would just lose all the weight, take up running, and then somehow be some world class athlete for my age…  So, about 10 days ago I took a serious bang to the bones on the side of my left leg, and I had a big huge bruise for my efforts. A week ago, I ran 10K, although I didn’t feel very good for the last half, just thought I would run through it all. Problem was that the next day I could hardly lift my leg up to walk, and that is the way it has been for a week. So, no runs at all. But even yesterday at meetings in London I had to walk about 8 Km and was absolutely shagged by last night.

I woke up this morning and felt pretty well rested, so decided to give it a go. Well for the first 2 Km I thought I would just turn around and walk/crawl home. But gradually, it got better and managed 4.5 Km total. Tomorrow I might not be able to lift my head up, but for today, it’s all good…

In the motivation section I talk about the awesome devotional from Anna Light about comparing ourselves to others, great way to lose your mind…

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