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Family & Friends Dave

David & Janet


We lived in the United Kingdom in the Surrey Village of Frimley for 12 years. We have now moved to the US State of Ohio, just north of the City of Dayton. This is a total change for the both of us, although David continues to spend 10 days per month in the UK…

We have both been married before and Janet has 4 kids in the USA all in Ohio and Indiana. I have a daughter named Sydney who now lives in Grand Blanc Michigan. She moved from the UK to Dallas with her mother and lived in a beautiful home there until the money ran out, and then was forced to retire to the “sunny” climes of Michigan…

Janet’s Kids:

Of course they’ve grown up since then:

Those became these:


My closest friend over the years, we met the first week were both at the University of Colorado, Art Rancis, Celebrating our 60th birthdays…


Greg and Pam Snyder, Greg and I were in school in Moorestown, they now live in Orlando




Mark and Aubin Petersen, they now live in the Dallas area