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New lesson learned, don’t make many changes…

So today we paid for another of those hard lessons, once you get the routine going, don’t make many changes…  So my routine with Huel has been one Huel first thing, mid-morning snack of Ryvitas and cheese and sliced veggies, two more Huels in the afternoon and then dinner at night. The problem sometimes is that when I have a lot of meetings in London, I don’t have the ability to tote around my Huel or have my morning snack. So, then I end up eating lunch and having Huel later, and it screws up my system. I have discovered that you can do this once a week, but not more… So, here is the video report:

So, right behind this is the motivation report, the 3 points I made in the video are in the video that I pasted right after this…

Here is the video from Craig:


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