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Community Dave

The next step? Who knows???

I was elected in 2011 to the post of Councillor of the Borough of Surrey Heath in the County of Surrey. I was elected first to represent the Ward of Frimley Green, and then the ward of Frimley in 2015. This term ran until 2019.

Previously I had formed a citizens group to combat the clamping of the cars on private land which were run by “Cowboy Clampers” who extorted and abused the residents of Frimley, and killed the High Street trade in the village. The challenge and combat of these thugs resulted in the change of the law across the UK to stop these people.

I have implemented a number of initiatives that started with the establishment of the parameters of free speech for any politician in the UK in the case I won in the High Court of David Allen v.s. Surrey Heath Borough Council


I founded the Frimley Business Association, for the members of the businesses in the village of Frimley. It is recognised as the most effective business association in the Borough. There are a number of community events that we have progressed.



Another big community project was being the County Council’s Governor for Portesbery School, a now nationally famous school for children with Profound Multiple Learning Disorders, these are the deepest and most profound physical disorders where education can be promulgated. During my 5 year tenure, we built an entirely new facility that most of the nation is modelling…


Now that is a good question… My blog on local British politics has been going on for 10 years. Irritated some, and resulted in a giant High Court case called David Allen vs Surrey Heath Borough Council.  All good fun…

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