Faith that works, in a world that doesn’t work too well; Part 5

Day 11 Day 11 is about Mercy, the kind that delivers God’s type of mercy to those who least expect it. Once you understand how much has been given to you it is quite a natural thing… Devotional Point 4 today: God wants you to be merciful to everyone. Scripture 4 today: “God blesses those[…]

When some things come together… My tribute to Paul…

Great run this morning, and the great weather rolls on… Went 7.6Km, and kept the pace under 7min/km, but only just… I found out last night about my brother Paul’s passing in Seattle 10 days ago. Will dig into this in the motivation section… So, as mentioned above, this next one is about my brother[…]

The great weather rolls on: fitness & motivation report

The incredible weather rolls on, in the middle of the migration from the life changing part of the process to the living-the-life part of the process. Huel’s great, exercise is great, but having to learn how to integrate it all into a very busy life with a lot of meetings in London… In the motivation[…]

The morning after the night before…

Last night we had a council meeting where the new mayor was elected. But those of us not in the main party found the tax-dodging proposal for the new mayor as unacceptable. You can read about it at: So, was a bit slower this morning, and this morning’s video is on the changes I’m working[…]