December Fitness & Motivation Report

Fortunately, the shortest day of the year is rapidly approaching, just 2 and a half weeks. The shorter days are a real crimp to my ability to keep fit, sun is not coming up until after 8 and going down before 4… Fitness 4th December: ran 7.8Km, time avg. 6:50/Km, cut about 15 seconds/Km, big[…]

Wrapping up the end of October…

Fitness Have only done one other video this month, just really haven’t had the time. Huel diet is still going well, and runs still pretty regular 2-3 times/week. Each one 7.5-10.5 Km each. Started a month ago increasing protein in the diet, now using some protein powder to mix with my Huel. The protein is[…]

Fitness and Motivation at 20th October

Fitness… So I haven’t been able to do much running on a consistent basis for the last few weeks, still maintaining at least two runs per week. So, this is really the blog post for the last two weeks…  My friends Mark and Colleen got me into doing Park runs, which for the most part[…]

Week ending 18th August Fitness and Motivation

So this week we had some unexpectedly great things happen. First, my university roommate Archie drove all the from Seattle up to Port Townsend and picked up a load of pictures of my brother Paul which I’ve posted up in the “about” section… The post image in honour of Paul… So here is the fitness[…]

Fitness and Motivation Reports Week end 4th August

In the fitness part today we go into the progress as well as the supplements I am using, 2 things from a guy I researched in California, Stephen Gundry. The “vital reds” are having a noticeable improvement in my concentration and focus, which is amazing… Wrestling with the 3 times/week running and the actual distances[…]