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Here’s a few scenes from some of the major stages of the life of the Dave:

Family I was born into, in North Kingstown, RI

1956: Mom, Dad, Granpdarents Allen, Great grandmother, me and Paul

My Grandparents Allen

Neighbourhood kids, all of us born within 1 week of each other: big snowstorm 9 months earlier, 1954:

Moved to Moorestown NJ 1964:

Junior High Class of 1968

One of the only pictures of our fragmented family

Post Moorestown, the University of Colorado in Boulder: 1972-78

Skiing at A-Basin and for Head 1975-77


My best friends in California Bob and Anna Gaskins, both gone now…

The focus of most of my weekends, the AnnaG

The Move to the U.K. 1989

What am I like?



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