The Story Of The adventures of the bigdog

The Different "Daves"

Well of course there is only one real one...
Family & Friends Dave

David & Janet live just outside London, they are both joint US/UK citizens. David has a daughter Sydney who lives in Grand Blanc Michigan

Christian Dave

David became a Christian in 1971 and grew in his faith for 4 years, and then got fed up with the church’s hypocrisy and set it aside for 25 years

Career & Work Dave

He got 2 degrees at the University of Colorado, set it all aside and went into the tech business. He has had a front row seat to the entire tech business

Community Dave

Always involved in every community he has been a part of. Elected member of the UK government. Now looking at what sort of comunity involvement comes next…

What is David listening to and reading right now?

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Current Podcasts: 1-A bit of Optimism-Simon Sinek; 2-WorkLife-Adam Grant; 3-Armchair Umbrella-Dax Shepherd & Monica Padman; 4-Tim Ferris Show; 5-The Mental Health Comedy Podcast-Ed Krasnick & Jennifer Kolari; 6-Tiny Revolutions-Tiff Stevenson; 7-The Aggressive Life-Brian Tome; 8-The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill-Mike Cosper; 9-Pastor Rick's Daily Hope-Rick Warren; 10-Carey Nieuhoff Podcast; 11-Church Pulse Weekly; 12-Christine Caine, Equip and Empower; 13-Viral Jesus; 14-Think Biblically; 15-Busted Halo-Father Dave Dwyer; 16-Speak Life Podcast; 17-Theology in the Raw, Allison Trowbridge; 18-The Calling; 19-The Bugle; 20-Think Biblically; 21-Irrevrend

  • Current Reads

    5 Marks of a Man; Brian Tome who needs no introduction; Live no lies by John Mark Comer.

  • Recently Completed

    San Fransiko, Michael Shellenberger's new treatise on why progressives ruin cities... Father Love by Eli Williams, focus on the incredible necessity of the love of Fathers in this generation… Becoming the parent your child needs, for parents it is all about becoming… Decoding your dreams, unlocking the codes in your dreams… Dictionary of Dream Symbols, what do each of these symbols mean… Dream Interpreter, finding the meaning of dreams… Hope Always, dealing with the epidemic we face about suicide… Redeeming Your time, best book I have ever seen on time, better than the thousands of other books out there… Think Again, gives you the chance to really look at what you are looking at, challenges all your assumptions about what you are thinking about… Grit, the one thing that separates out the people who accomplish their goals… The Thing Beneath The Thing, author basically tries to leverage his former position to spout psycho-babble that becomes very boring… Necessary Endings, best book of the “Boundaries” series, what we need right now… Beautiful Resistance; Jon Tyson says it as it needs to be said to the Church right now… Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome, best book on the subject out there right now. All the research and results of what happens in this most insidious form of child abuse… Motherhood Matters, delivers the real research into what has happened to a massive un-mothered generation…

  • Distractionally Funny

    Can I give my husband back? If you want to understand anything about British humour, this is a must read…

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